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The ECOWAS Brown Card Scheme was established by Protocol A/P1/5/82 signed by the Head of States and Governments on the 29 may 1982 in Cotonou (BENIN Republic)

The main objective of the scheme is to guarantee to the victims of road accident a prompt and fair compensation of damages caused by non resident motorist from ECOWAS member states visiting their territory. In Europe , the Green Card , a similar Scheme was established in 1953.

The Brown Card Scheme functions through a network of 14 (fourteen) National Bureaux disseminated in each of the fourteen countries. Each National Bureau perform 2 main tasks:

a) Make the Brown Card available to resident motorist ; the National Bureau performs then as an issuing bureau.

b) Carry out investigations and settlements of claims arousing from accidents incurred by Brown Card holders . It performs then as a handling Bureau

All Ebout ECOWAS Brown Card

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