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  1. West African States, of Historic solidarity,

Come, unite and develop a buoyant economy!

Freedom returning from the yokes of past captivity,

Now West Africa becomes the Economic Community!

Great were the kingdoms of our past:

Ever our bond renewed shall last!

It’s no mystery,

We’ll make history-

From the ocean, to rain forests and the Savannahs;

Working hand In hand,

Each and every land,

We shall progress happily ECOWAS!

  1. Peace and unity and social justice everywhere,

Cultural integration and liberty we declare!

Women and youth, all shall maintain our future bright,

In health;

Human and natural resources shall sustain our wealth.

West Africa, our region State:

Steadfast shall stand our union great!

It’s no mystery,

We’ve made history

From the sea shores to the desert, through the Savannahs:

Each and every land,

All will, hand in hand,

Ever progress happily in ECOWAS!


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